For Our Clients

Exceptional Quality, Proven Results 

Sundance Clinical Research has been committed to excellence in research since our inception in 2005. Our focus on study timelines, accuracy and quality data has set Sundance apart as the premier clinical research center in St. Louis. Our experienced research staff are dedicated to advancing medical treatments while maintaining the highest quality for our clients. Sundance has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding our enrollment goals while maintaining exceptional patient retention.

Exceptional Facilities & Staff 

Our Board-certified, GCP-trained physicians and dedicated, highly trained research staff are committed to providing the highest quality data for our clients. Our newly expanded and renovated research facility consists of:

  • 5 state-of-the-art exam rooms

  • CLIA-approved laboratories

  • IATA certified laboratory staff

  • Large capacity -70 to -20 degree freezers

  • Centralized temperature monitoring

  • Dedicated vaccine refrigerators

  • Refrigerated and standard centrifuges

  • Double-locked, climate-controlled investigational product storage

  • Double-locked, climate-controlled narcotic storage

  • Central IRB

  • Central Lab

  • 24 hour emergency staffing

  • 3 fully equipped monitoring rooms with wireless internet

  • Large, comfortable waiting area for patients

Sundance rapidly identifies, qualifies and enrolls patients for our studies. The enrollment strategy is carefully crafted for each trial. At Sundance we know there is no one-size-fits-all tactic for enrolling patients in our trials, we use a variety of techniques such as: Research database, Physician referrals, Community outreach, Advertising, Social Media

Effective Recruitment & Retention 

Focus on Quality

Sundance uses board-certified, GCP trained physicians to conduct our trials. Our staff is trained in GCP as well as IATA, HIPPA and company SOPs for the conduct of ethical research. Our staff understands the importance of collecting high quality data and delivering that data in a timely fashion. 

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