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Sundance Clinical Research is looking for volunteers to participate in a variety of paid clinical research studies.

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Benefits of Joining a Study

  • Many studies include compensation for time and travel

  • Study related medication and care provided at no cost

  • Health insurance is not required.

Our current studies include:

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  • What is a clinical trial?
    Clinical trials are an essential part of medical research, ultimately informing healthcare decisions and regulatory approvals.
  • Why should I join a clinical trial?
    Clinical trials provide access to new treatment options, and it's an opportunity to advance healthcare research and knowledge. Participants are able to receive specialized care while potentially receiving compensation for volunteering.
  • How do I know if I'm eligible to participate?
    Determining eligibility involves an evaluation of specific eligibility criteria set forth by researchers and sponsors. The criteria help define the patient population being studied and are designed to protect the safety of participants in the trial.
  • Are clinical trials safe?
    Clinical trials are designed with a strong emphasis on the safety of participants, and multiple safeguards are in place to minimize risks, including careful study design, oversight by institutional review boards and routine monitoring of study data by independent experts. Researchers must inform participants of the risks, benefits and/or side effects they discover.

Interested in Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Submit your information below and we’ll contact you with more information.


Tel. 314-567-3377

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St. Louis, MO 63141

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