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About Sundance


Sundance Clinical Research is a dedicated, multi-specialty clinical research facility in the heart of St. Louis. Sundance has completed more than 100 clinical trials since being founded in 2005. Our mission is to provide our clients with rapid enrollment while providing the highest quality data. Click here to learn more about Sundance.

Medicine Begins Here


The patients, staff and Investigators at Sundance Clinical Research are at the forefront of medical research. Sundance conducts phase II - IV clinical research studies in gastroenterology, infectious diseases, osteoarthritis, rheumatology, cardiovascular, pain, acute injury and many more. To learn more about Sundance conducting your next research study click here.

Research Studies


Sundance conducts clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies and provide investigational treatments for specific medical conditions. All trials are conducted under the supervision of a qualified physician along with highly trained clinical research staff. Contact us to learn more and see if you qualify for a trial.

The Premier Clinical Research Center in St. Louis

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